Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Reva      &      Paula

What is a Mom? The title means much more than simply giving birth to a child, it's the love and support and nurturing given to that child. A Mom can give something up without sacrificing because that child is her priority. A Mom's love is never-ending and always a constant filling her child(ren) with confidence and security. Being a Mom means leaving your child(ren) with memories and a warm hug even long after she is gone.

My Mommy (Reva) and my Mom (Paula) [mother-in-law] earned their monikers and they left behind offspring who remember the lessons, the love, the warmth and the sometimes "crazy" ways they acted for their kids. I miss them both.

I had a lot of fun when I developed one of my characters, Sylvia Hughes, "aunt" and adopted-mother to Caitlyn in His Lucky Charm and mother to Tom in Within the Law. Sylvia was a doting mom who always wanted only the best for her kids, sometimes even resorting to well-meaning nagging and craziness...

(an excerpt from His Lucky Charm)

Dinner was chaotic. Sylvia cooked up a hearty beef stew because it was one of Tom’s favorites. Everyone sat at the round kitchen table for dinner, there was no order to their arrangement. Brandon was seated between Sylvia and Walter. Tom sat next to Walter and Caitlyn sat on Sylvia’s other side. Brandon was amazed that no matter how many different conversations were going on at the table, Sylvia managed to hear each one. And she made sure she added her opinions to each one, no matter what the topic was.
When Caitlyn asked Tom, again, if he was going to bring a date to the wedding, Sylvia added her comments. “Joyce would not have wanted you to live like this. You really should find yourself a wife.”
That was the first time that Tom hadn’t smiled for his mother’s benefit. “Ma, this subject is off limits.”
Tommy, you are a young man.” Sylvia continued. “You should not live alone.”
Ma... please.” Tom laid his fork down next to his plate.
You’re a good looking man.” She turned to Caitlyn. “Isn’t he good looking?”
Uh, yeah.”
Brandon, you’re getting married. Isn’t it a nice feeling to be settling down?”
Ma! Stop it.” Tom stood up from the table. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He left in a hurry. The back door slammed shut behind him.
Sylvia looked at the rest of the family at the table. “What did I say?” She looked at each of their faces. Caitlyn was studying her plate. “What did I say?”
Walter shook his head and kept eating. “Sylvie, you never learn. Leave the boy alone.”
What? I’m not allowed to care about my kids?”
Caitlyn put her fork down on the table and leaned over to hug Sylvia. “Aunt Syl, we love you. Tommy just needs to set his own pace. It will happen. Don’t worry.”
Sylvia took Caitlyn’s face in her hands and looked at her eyes. “I just want you two to be happy. That’s all I want.”
Caitlyn smiled. “I know.”
You hear that Brandon?” Sylvia’s voice cracked. “You better keep my baby happy.”
Yes ma’am.” Brandon looked at Caitlyn and saw her smile at him. “I plan to work at that for the rest of my life.”
Good. Very good.” Sylvia nodded and went back to eating.
The back door opened and Tom came back in. “Sorry everyone. I just needed some air.” He went to Sylvia and kissed her on the cheek. “I love you ma.” Before he walked around the table, Brandon saw Tom squeeze Caitlyn’s shoulder.
Walter stopped eating long enough to ask Tom how he was feeling.
Good dad, good.” Tom sat back down in his chair and went back to eating.
And just like that, the conversations started again. And everyone ate. And Brandon learned just what family was all about.

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