Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do You Watch "Days of Our Lives"

Oh yes, I'm a sucker for a soap opera - I used to watch "Days of Our Lives" with my disabled mom when I came home from junior high school; since we didn't have VCRs and DVRs back then, I couldn't watch once I went to high school or college. I feel like I've grown up with many of the characters (although certainly not at the same rate, lol)

But, I digress...

I am sitting here watching a Days of Our Lives episode (hope I don't throw any other fans any spoilers here) and Nick is finally confessing to Gabi what happened to him in prison. I sure hope that she accepts him.

I thought of my novel Courage of the Heart and the scene where Adam Sherman tells Davie Prescott what happened to him...

Wow! The stories are so incredibly close. Unfortunately prison rape is frequently a very real and tragic occurrence...

I have to say that Blake Berris (actor, Nick Fallon) has done a wonderful acting job. Kudos to him.

I recently created a NEW Book Club Discussion Packet for Courage of the Heart (you can download it here)

This book makes a terrific addition to any book club repertoire. I hope you enjoy it -

...and now, back to my soap.

Adam is attracted to Davie, but he shies away from her innocence because he feels his shameful past is too harsh for her existence. Adam finally shares his darkest secret with Davie and is amazed to find that she doesn´t turn away from him.

But when Adam’s past catches up to him, he soon learns that there´s a lot more at stake than just his nightmares. Adam is prepared to give Davie up if need be in order to protect her until he learns that she´s got a secret of her own. With Davie´s help, Adam learns a courage that is born of love, courage of the heart.

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