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This post appeared on the Let's Talk Romance blog in January 2010

An Interview With Chelle Cordero

How did you get started writing?

In high school I took a creative writing class under the tutelage of the late poet Daisy Aldan, she helped my organize my earlier scribbles into cohesive thoughts. Later, while I was in college, I volunteered with the NYC Auxiliary Police and wound up working with the community relations officer of our precinct. Henry (Hank) Spallone taught me to write press releases and deal with the media – when a 16-year old boy was killed when he came to the aid of a mugging victim, Hank asked me to write an article for the local newspaper, the piece was published. That was the start of my professional writing career.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love knowing that my words have an effect on people – they can share emotions with my characters in my novels and hopefully they will “think” about the situations. Since I am also a freelance reporter for several publications, I also like providing valuable information to my readers and hopefully help them make sound decisions about their health, home and lives

Is there anything you would like to share about yourself or your work?

My work is an extension of me so I feel I do share myself with every story – while my characters may not resemble me in who they are, they do share many of my ideals. I believe that I have done many interesting things in my lifetime and I like adding some of those adventures and mis-adventures into the subplots.

How would you describe your love scenes?

HOT, but always appropriate My sex scenes tend to be explicit but I don’t believe in violence or force – just two people wanting to show each other great tenderness and pleasure.

How would describe your voice?

My “voice” comes through my characters – they write their own stories. I build a character by giving each a history and they react to the situations I throw at them based on past experiences and attitudes.

Where can fans follow you?

My personal web-site is and my author blog is

Any professional advice for other authors?

Keep at it. Don’t let rejections deter you. Hone your craft, keep your writing tighter and keep writing and submitting. Read A LOT and don’t limit yourself to only one or two favorite genres – open your mind and absorb those words.

What is your favorite television show?

I enjoy shows such as Ghost Whisperer and Medium because I like the idea of exploring things we can’t see and may not believe in (btw, I DO believe in ghosts and ESP) – this gives our minds a chance to stretch beyond our known comfort levels.

What kind of music do you like?

I like most music but have a fondness for country songs and ballads that tell a story. I often work with music playing and enjoy allowing the music to “grab me”.

What is the most memorable book you’ve read?

The Bible. I took a theology class in college and the textbook was the King James version of the Old and New Testaments. I am Jewish and I enjoyed seeing the common origins between Judaism and Christianity. I also enjoyed the morals and lessons throughout this great book.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, aside from my hubby and kids (lol), I currently reside with three rambunctious cats – Tigger, Mario and Luigi. We’ve had cats all of our married life (34 years) and I feel a great love and have terrific memories of each cat that has since passed on.

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