Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sigh, does it ever get any easier?

I'd have to say NO...

Every time I submit a new piece of work, whether it is a non-fiction article, a short story or a full out-and-out fiction manuscript, I feel my stomach doing literal flip-flops until I get a nod of acceptance from the respective editor or publisher.

I've had literally hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles published, nine novels, several short stories in anthology collections and a few writing how-to books - And I STILL Get Nervous!

Honestly, I don't think I am much different from most writers. Our creations are very personal and each time we write, we hope for that wonderful nod of acceptance. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I think it is the thrill of accomplishment when even one person says "Hey, that's good."

A few times in my writing career I have not only had editors who come back to me because they like my work, but I've also found the occasional time my work gets quoted (with proper attribution of course) and wow, that is truly an ego boost.

As a writer I keep trying to push further and further and try to learn from other writers AND readers because if someone THINKS I was good last time, I want them to think I was great this time.

So what has brought on this nail-biting and nervous rambling episode? I just submitted a novel manuscript to my publisher and IT'S BEEN TEN WHOLE MINUTES AND I HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING YET! (just kidding). And my next two deadlines for articles are both next week so I really am going to be a bag of nerves...

About this manuscript, it's a first for me - it is a paranormal suspense and I hope people (starting with my publisher) will like it. I hope to have reason to tell you more about it real soon.
from January Magazine

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