Monday, July 15, 2013

Yay! A Contest!

What’s the prize? What can you win? 

I’m giving away up to FOUR prizes, two audio books and two e-books.

The GRAND PRIZE will be an audio-book download  from of either Final Sin or Courage of the Heart (winner’s choice); 2nd prize will be the other audio-book; 3rd prize will be an e-book of either Final Sin or Courage of the Heart (winner’s choice); 4th prize will be the other e-book.

 What do you have to do to be eligible to win these prizes? It’s easy! There are thirteen questions below – answer as many as you can and email your responses to me via email to by midnight (EST) Monday July 22. The MOST correct answers wins the top prize and so on – all ties will be broken by random selection. DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWERS ON THIS BLOG.

Now just in case you’re worried about answering these questions correctly, here’s a HUGE hint – ALL the answers can be found on one (or more) of these pages:  or  or

Good Luck!

 1)    Final Sin won Honorable Mention in WHICH category of the 2010 NY Book Festival?  [____________________]

 2)    When did Chelle Cordero join Vanilla Heart Publishing? [____________________]

 3)    In Final Sin, what is Jake Carlson’s job title? [____________________]

 4)    His Lucky Charm was previously released under a different title, what was it? [____________________]

 5)    What is the name of Chelle’s weekly workshop from Amazon for Kindle subscribers? [____________________]

 6)    Name any story in the Single Author Short Story Collection The Many Faces of Chelle Cordero. [____________________]

 7)    Who has a love affair in Bartlett’s Rule? [____________________]

 8)    Which Chelle Cordero novel’s book cover features a staircase? [____________________]

 9)    What does “Hyphema” mean? [____________________] 

10) Name one of Chelle Cordero’s novels that features a heart on the front cover. [____________________]

 11)  What is the name of the publisher who published 9 Chelle Cordero novels? [____________________]

 12)   Which book is a 2009 Pushcart Prize nominee? [____________________]
13)  What does Chelle combine in her writing? [____________________]  

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