Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tupper Lake

My husband's Aunt Wilma and Uncle Leo are the reason for my love of Tupper Lake, NY in the Adirondacks - I set two of my novels in that beautiful town.

In His Lucky Charm (originally titled Forgotten) I set Caitlyn's childhood home on the street and facing the lake in the exact spot that Wilma and Leo had a vacation home. When I spoke of the beauty of the area in the novel I was really speaking of the beauty of the day waking up overlooking the water from their house. In Within the Law Tom's house was in a different part of town, but the charm of the town was still "before my eyes" as I wrote.

Leo passed away many years ago, and Wilma and their daughter didn't make the trip as often as before - it's been several years since I've been there. A few months ago my aunt told me that she was going to be selling the house up there. It was sad to talk of but she was no longer up to the task of maintaining two homes. She was a three-time cancer survivor and a very brave woman who faced her physical challenges and helped others do the same. The past year was difficult for her though as her health took some serious down-turns.

Aunt Wilma died yesterday morning leaving behind her daughter, nephews and nieces, and a slew of wonderful friendships that she and Leo cultivated through many years. And she left behind wonderful memories and life lessons - I was fortunate enough to have experienced some of these.

Wilma and Leo, thank you for being you. I hope you are both enjoying the beauty of the lakes and mountains... together.

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