Thursday, January 22, 2015

#TBT My love affair with EMS

I write about Emergency Medical Services

I wrote two EMS-based Novels, Final Sin and Hyphema
using many of my own experiences in Emergency Medical Services
 as an EMT for nearly 30 years
Nowadays I'm retired from riding the ambulance myself but both of my
offspring are career EMS so I still have an active interest in the profession.
I also wrote a self-help guide (FREE) called Until the Ambulance Arrives

Both Final Sin & Hyphema received accolades from EMS World

I'm also a freelance journalist, in addition to writing my novels,
and I've written a lot of articles about
Emergency Medical Services for magazines and newspapers
so I just thought I would share some of my other EMS writing with you...

In 2008 I wrote an article called In The Danger Zone for EMS Responder

 In March 1896, a fire destroyed the fire company headquarters in Ridley Park just outside of Philadelphia. At that time, the $300 insurance payment was sufficient to replace equipment lost in the blaze. The building, which also housed the town hall, was valued at and insured for $2,000. Maps, plans and stationery were lost in the fire. The (read more)

I've also been a columnist with
1st Responder News since 2006 writing about NYS EMS Issues

Our 1st Responders are on the line every day 
for our safety and well-being
despite the dangers that may be lurking for them.
They are on the front lines on our home front;
when we are in crisis we call and they come
and in times of disaster 1st responders are often
crucial to the recovery of a community.
Thank you all.

Thanks for taking this little trip down memory lane with me!

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