Monday, February 29, 2016

The Unexpected Happens ~ #MondayBlogs

This past week I learned of folks who had sudden and rather unexpected changes occur in their professional lives.

In one there was a long time small press that announced they will soon be closing their doors. I know a few authors who are affected by this and while we haven’t discussed it I can only imagine the scrambling that is going on in their minds. (I know how much I love my publisher and the state I would be in.) Many of these authors already have their books in print, some have books that were due to be released.

While rights will eventually be returned to the individual authors (as per contract terms), these authors who felt secure in their accomplishments will now have to find other publishers or consider self-publishing options; hopefully they will pursue getting their books back out there as soon as they can, it would be a shame to deny their readers the chance to enjoy those captivating stories.

The other instance involves a health care provider that (for a variety of reasons) suddenly closed their doors leaving their employees UN-employed with less than 90-minutes notice. These employees have various home and financial situations, many are responsible as the breadwinners for their families. People are in shock and as the business week begins are preparing to flood the marketplace looking for new work.

Being an essential service, one positive is that other companies will need new hires to fill newly created positions to replace this company; hopefully many employees will not have to go too long without salaries. Unfortunately many seasoned workers will be starting at the bottom of the new companies (if hired), they will have lost all seniority and will have to wait for new benefits to take effect as well. For so many it is a mind-blowing mess.

The huge number of people affected by the demise of both companies will force (combined) hundreds of people to demonstrate to themselves, the people who depend on them, and the rest of us about resilience, determination and survival. I’m sure that there are some who would prefer to hide and pretend it’s all just a bad dream, and some who might even allow themselves to wallow; I am sure the majority will look to get their lives back on track as soon as possible.

Nothing in life is ever truly easy. I wish everyone new and better opportunities, success, and ease of mind.

When one door closes,
Another one opens.

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