Monday, May 29, 2017

Daily Prompt ~ Radiate ~ #MondayBlogs

I found a terrific writing site (thanks to my friend Sugana) — The Daily Post: Daily Prompts provides a NEW daily prompt every day to give every writer a way to put a spark in her/his creativity. I decided to join this group every so often...

Today's Prompt is RADIATE

Definition of RADIATE: emit (energy, especially light or heat) in the form of rays or waves.  "the hot stars radiate energy"  synonyms:   emit, give off, give out, discharge, diffuse.

My husband has taken to watching a show about superheroes lately (based on comic book characters from his childhood) and I’ve gotten drawn into the plot. I don’t think anyone can help but fantasize about how we would use these extraordinary superpowers if we had the chance.

Where would I direct my rays? Who would be served if I could channel waves of energy?

As a wife and mom I would have to say I would certainly radiate everything good I could muster towards my husband and children. Perhaps I could take a superhero name like “The Good Vibes Gal” and cloak my loved ones in layers of protection, happiness and of course my love. There would never be illness, danger, negative attitudes, or heartbreak.

I realize though that I already belong to a family of superheroes with years of volunteer and paid first response, educators in life saving skills, selfless attention towards helping those in need, and spreading caring to all they come in contact with.

My husband, among his many skills, has been a CPR Instructor for years. He once said to me that with every student he teaches his “fingers reach out”; indeed there was an ambulance call shortly after one of his classes where I encountered a recent student (I volunteered with my local ambulance as an EMT) — this student had just successfully revived a young patient whose heart had stopped, she admitted to me how she had “heard” my husband’s voice coaching her as she administered CPR. He definitely radiated his talents!

My husband and our offspring (separately) instructed other health providers and first responders and each student they trained and put out on the street saved many lives radiating each of their efforts and knowledge. Our children (from birth and marriage) have saved lives, put out fires (literally), delivered babies, soothed tears, and so much more. They’ve impacted so many other lives in ways that affect whole families and communities. Once again the touch radiates.

Is it any wonder that I feel I live in a family of superheroes? But I still yearn to be able to have my own power specifically to protect these wonderful people I love so much. I want to send out a wave of protective cloaks and hugs. I want this superpower to radiate energy and good vibes.

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