Thursday, May 11, 2017

Think Pink

I found a terrific writing site (thanks to my friend Sugana) — The Daily Post: Daily Prompts provides a NEW daily prompt every day to give every writer a way to put a spark in her/his creativity. I decided to join this group every so often...

Today's Prompt is  PINK

Almost 47 years ago (this June) my sister was married to the love of her life and I had the joy of being her Maid of Honor. 

I wore this beautiful PINK gown, I remember it so clearly even so many years later. I remember thinking that it was a "creamy" pink, empire style with a huge pink and shiny bow right across the bosom. The dress and sleeves had a wonderfully intricate lace overlay. I absolutely loved that gown. I was a teenage girl and I swore it was the prettiest dress I ever wore. I felt so pretty and of course since their wedding was so romantic, pink meant love and romance to me.

Being the terrible bordering-on-hoarder that I am, years later when my own teenage daughter was going to a party where the theme was the 80s (yes, I know, I wore the dress in 1970) I offered it to her. She took a look at the dress and said "Omigosh Mom, I can't believe you ever wore that, it is soooo OLD."


LOL. By the way five-and-a-half years later my sister was the Matron of Honor at my wedding and she wore blue.

Oh... also, both couples are still very much in love.

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