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And then came Annie's Karma

The Karma Stories

Writing a sequel wasn't the easiest thing I've done. I had written series books before: Bartlett's Rule & Courage of the Heart (Survivor Series); His Lucky Charm & Within the Law (Cousins Series); Final Sin & Hyphema (EMS Series) — but this was the first time I wrote an actual sequel.

What's the difference? In two of my series I did have recurring characters, but it was always another couple who was the main focus of the book. I created Annie and Dave in Karma Visited and the story could have ended there, but it couldn't. You see both books do have the traditional HEA (Happy Ever After) implications, but somehow my fictional characters wanted more and they talked me into it.

So I wrote a continuing story of a couple — a Colorado Sheriff and a woman with an unusual and really unexpected talent. Annie is able to "travel" while she is sleeping and when Dave first met her he really only met her "essence", it took him a while to accept that she was a real person and he wasn't just going a bit bonkers.
Annie's Karma opens approximately one year after "The End" of Karma Visited. Sure I had already created these "people" and now I was writing about those same characters, I did know them pretty well. Except... there was a year of growth between them. Dave had a year to accept Annie's unusual talent. And Annie had a year to be out of an abusive marriage and learn what it was liked to be loved by a kind and generous man. They couldn't be portrayed the same way they were in the first book and that was the challenge; keep their basic traits but add new experiences.

I hope you'll give me a chance and read both books and then tell me if you think I achieved that growth.

Oh, one more big change in the two books — Mauszer, Dave's cat, had a much bigger role in Annie's Karma.
Annie's Karma
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