Saturday, April 28, 2018

Touch of Love ~ ...a bit of therapy

If you’ve read any of the stories in my second short story collection you might have surmised how personal some of the stories are to me. In addition to the obvious I’m going to let you in on some of the backstories.

The first and most personal one is An Empty House. In December 2016 my wonderful husband had a stroke. I can use all of the clich├ęs available (Threw me for a loop, knocked the wind out of me, came out of nowhere…) and it just does not express how our lives changed that night. As I said in the story we’ve had to adjust to a “New Normal” which really isn’t normal.

I am eternally grateful that the love of my life survived and has made terrific strides towards recovery, but there is still much more to go. In the meanwhile we had to find ways to get back to life, my husband is the one who suffered the stroke and yet we’ve all been affected. I had to force myself to resume my activities, responsibilities, and my professional life. I actually felt empty inside.

Long ago during an interview I was asked WHY I write, my answer was “I write because I breathe.” I had to learn to breathe again. I started compiling my second short story collection and it wound up being both personal and therapeutic for me. This collection is truly personal to me and there are other stories which were certainly drawn from my heart. I also started a very basic website which, although slow in development, I hope will offer some useful information to others who have stroke survivors in their life.

He is My Brother is about my brother(in-law) and our desperate quest to save his life and find him a donated kidney. We, our family, need him. If you don’t mind please visit the website we set up for him and share our story to all of your contacts,

Although these next stories are pure fiction, they were certainly inspired by people and events in my life and hold very special meaning for me — these stories include: Rekindled, A Date with Mistletoe, and The Lost Love. Finally The Dead Guy in the Park and Always, One More Time were just fun stories to write.

If you take the time to read this collection, please handle it with care, it really was written with a personal Touch of Love.

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