Saturday, June 16, 2018

Heroes of Both Sexes

Several years ago I made the astonishing discovery that I liked putting my book’s heroes in the hospital… well maybe not liked, but I did it anyway. I even wrote a blog about it. Lately I have been giving my inclination to make my heroes suffer some more introspection.

While I admit I like to see all of my characters with a little touch of vulnerability (males and females) I have discovered what I enjoy more is the opportunity for one, or more, of my characters to step up, step forward, and shoulder some of the strength that is needed for everyone to pull through okay. 

Coming from a family filled with first-responders and military personnel, it is not strange at all for me to see courage, compassion and outright heroics from both the men and women that surround me. My close friends and family have displayed pure compassion, generosity, nurturing, encouragement and unbelievable skills in the face of any crisis, in response to any person (or animal’s) needs, and true caring (both emotional and physical) when someone needs the kindness.

I have tried to show both my heroes and heroines with strength and courage when their own partners need them or as an invincible team. The blurb for my book Annie’s Karma reads, “Annie Furman moves on from her past and into her future with Undersheriff Dave Turner. Her gifts – or are they her curse? – grow stronger, and she finds out that she is not alone in the realm of astral travel. Dave saved her life, now she has to fight another ‘traveler’ to save Dave… if she survives.” This is the story of a strong man AND a strong woman.

I have several stories where the WOMAN steps up to save the day and her big, strong hunk can rely on her strength. In Within the Law, when Tom is accused of murder, the important lady in his life, who just happens to be a lawyer, defends him even risking her own professional reputation. In A Chaunce of Riches Ben finds out just how far Samantha was and is willing to go to save his life and protect him. Then there is Courage of the Heart where Davie’s love, trust and commitment to Adam saves him and gives him the ability to save them both.

I could tell you more but I think you get the point — I like strong men AND strong women. I like it when the ‘hero’ in HEROine does describe her. It’s okay to throw in a touch of damsel in distress, but it is also pretty wonderful when it is her man in distress and she is there to save the day. It is really great when two people are there for each other, it’s just that simple. Be a hero with your love, your attentiveness, your commitment and your courage. Be a hero for the people who depend on you most.

Please share some of the heroes in your life.

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