Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Paying It Forward


My family experienced a wonderful miracle this past week. My brother (in-law) was hoping for a new kidney, he’s been on the transplant list and going to dialysis three times weekly for the past seven years. He had received a few calls from the hospital to tell him of “possibilities” over the past few months (he was high enough on the list), but unfortunately these calls wound up not being fruitful.


However last week he received yet another phone call about a possible donation; the donor was being kept on life support but had sadly lost brain function. Her family made the absolute most generous decision, they authorized organs for transplant — they decided to allow their loved one to save the lives of others in need. I can’t imagine how difficult this decision must have been and I am in total awe at their generosity.


My brother arrived at the hospital late at night and received his new kidney the next day. He is home now and healing from this prayed for surgery; he will have to be monitored to ensure that everything is “in working order” but this is the first bright light we have had in seven years. We will never forget this woman and her loving family and will keep them in our prayers as they mourn their loss.


It is because of this generosity that I will maintain both our FaceBook page and our website as a place for other hopeful kidney recipients to post their names and contact info; I will also feature some of those on the website. We understand so well what this donation has meant to us and we would love to help others find their prayers answered as well.


Please share this information and visit our sites frequently and perhaps we can help another family to find their lifesaving hero.


Our FaceBook Page – Del Needs a Kidney

Our Website — A Kidney for Del

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