Friday, July 18, 2008

An Open Letter from Caitlyn

Hi Everyone,

My name is Caitlyn Smythe (well, that is my maiden name) - People will first meet me in the novel Forgotten as Caitlyn Price. My husband is Brandon Price.

BUT... my own husband doesn't know who I am! And we only got married the night before the book opens.

Now I am sure that most women would be rather upset by that and I certainly was too. But Brandon eventually does regain his memory (most of it anyway) and I would think that we could have, SHOULD have, just gotten on with our lives - our HAPPY lives.

BUT... Once Brandon regains his memory, I find out that he isn't even WHO I thought he was to begin with! There is just so much I don't know about him. I would think that if a man loves a woman, REALLY loves her, then he would love her enough to trust her with some honesty.

So I think you can understand why I get to a point that I want NOTHING to do with him!

Anyway, please read the story Forgotten and let me know what you think. If you would like you can either leave a comment for me here or send it to me c/o Chelle at

Have a great day.


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