Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Story Behind Forgotten

Lying in bed late one night I watched my husband while he slept. Feeling so very grateful to have him in my life, I mused as to how different my world would have been if we had never met. And I thought that I couldn’t imagine waking up the next morning to find that my life with him had never existed. G-d forbid I should just simply forget.

I had an idea for a story where one person can’t remember his (or her) spouse. Then I developed the characters Brandon and Caitlyn and I decided to put them into one of the most disconcerting moments to realize that he had no idea who she was. Caitlyn was being seductive and tempting and enjoying the intimacy with the man she had married just the evening before when he asks her “Who are you?” At first she thinks he is joking, but when reality hits and she realizes he really can’t remember - then really he is no more than a stranger to her.

Definitely awkward. Then the problems are compounded when Brandon’s fiancĂ©e shows up and brands Caitlyn a liar and a con-artist.

Amnesia is a partial or profound loss of memory. Amnesia can br caused by trauma (external or internal), drugs or emotional upheaval. Recovery varies but most amnesias, unless they are caused by brain damage, usually abate with time. Total amnesia, also called global amnesia, is rare.

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