Friday, November 28, 2008

Which is YOUR favorite book cover? - Win a Book!

We have a winner!

Bartlett's RuleForgotten

Within the LawCourage of the Heart

Which cover is your favorite?

*Bartlett's Rule, published in April 2008 will soon have a NEW jacket. (see it above)

Forgotten was published in July 2008

Within the Law came out in October 2008

Courage of the Heart will be available in February 2009

Please tell me (in the comments below)

WHAT story does each cover tell you?


The name of each person who posts a comment below and tells me what story "the cover tells" will go into a random drawing for a complimentary copy of Courage of the Heart when it is available next February - the winner will be picked on Publication Day!



Anonymous said...

Well as you know "Bartlett's Rule" looks better than the "kids" on the cover.
"Forgotten" is okay.. it would add more suspense if the hand was opened.
"Within the Law" looks like two people sitting in a tree.
"Courage of the Heart" is finally getting somewhere, It makes it look like the story is going to be steamy!

Malcolm R. Campbell said...

I don't like "Courage of the Heart" because it appears gratuitous and sensationalistic. I always avoid buying books with covers like this because, well, they shout out to me that this is "one of those woman's kind of books." :-)

"Bartlett's Rule" is good because the big city plus the word "rule" imply the people involves are high stakes players. The night shot implies mystery.

"Forgotten" is unclear to me, but the ring and hand close up tells me this is about a wife with a fancy house who was forgotten by whoever lives in the house. So, probably not a "guy kind of book."

"Within the Law" puzzles me for there appears to be a lighted sidewalk with the people in shadows and I don't see how that's physically possible. They appear to be more within the branches.

Okay, sorry, I really haven't had these weird thoughts about your book covers before, but gave you the impression I would have if I'd never heard of you or the books and suddenly saw them in a store.


L Harmon said...

Hi Chelle. I found the aesthetic of Within the Law compelling, but I have the same problems as the other comment. It is visually confusing.

My first choice, then, because of the visual problems in Within the Law, is Forgotten. The design is interesting and evocative, but doesn't tell too much like Courage of the Heart. I agree with Sun that it looks like "One of Those Women" Books.

Best of luck!

Letitia Harmon

Anonymous said...

Bartlett's Rule cover is colorful and alluring which are two words that come to mind naturally when I think of cities. I find a cityscape skyline as attractive as the mountains in Autumn.
Forgotten... very mysterious cover. The partially hidden hand makes me wonder if something is hidden within. I have to say, if I saw this book on the shelf, I would pick it up out of curiousity.
Within the Law is difficult for me to see in the size pictured. Because of poor vision, I can only guess it is silhouettes in a breakthrough of light in a forest. I'm sure with the layout and color scheme, if I could see the book life size, it would be lovely, because I like the placement of all objects.
Courage of the Heart is sensuous, without being vulgar in any way. There is a tenderness that comes through that makes me want to know this couple and what events take place that brings them to this tender moment.
Okay, Chelle, there you have it, my take on each cover. Now for my choice:
#1 Courage of the Heart

Your friend, kgcummings... Kathy

Bingo said...

Bartlett's Rule and Forgotten would make me think of relationship stories so I would like them. Out of the two, I would choose Bartlett's Rule first as it looks set in modern times which I prefer.
Within the Law is also a good cover and I would buy it as it looks like a mystery to me and I like that.
I'm sorry but I don't care for Courage of the Heart as I read those kind of books when I was younger and tired of them. I say "those kind" as the cover makes me feel like it is a romance novel which includes a good deal of sexual content.
I hope you don't mind my frankness.
I am going to list your blog on my new website that I started on Jan. 9th. I have a contest going until Jan. 23 for an autographed copy of CREEPERS by Joanne Dahme. I hope you and your readers will visit!


Namid said...

I feel like a bit of a cheater having read a few of these ;)

Courage of the Heart is BEAUTIFUL. I'm not the type to read overtly sexual books, but I'll tell ya that cover is VERY enticing ;)

Second would have to be Forgotten. I think the cover does the book justice. It's very mysterious, and once you read it, it all makes sense :)

So, those are my 2 cents ;)

Keep up the great work, sweetie!! :)

Namid said...
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KR said...

I haven't read any of your books yet.
Based on just the covers, I would choose Forgotten 1st. Then Barlett's Rule, Within the Law and Courage of the Heart (in that order.)

Anonymous said...

Bartlette's Law puts me with a loved one on a warm summer night. Those are the best nights. After a nice dinner and a glass of wine, a little walk and a little love.