Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ahh, the Romance of it All

As I watch my son and future daughter-in-law prepare for their wedding later this year, I feel all sorts of "gushy" about romance; I guess I was the same way seven years ago when my daughter was getting married.

When Mark and I were married more than 38-years ago I remember the stress that went into trying to please everyone and the concessions that were made from the dreams I had of my perfect wedding - but more than anything I remember the first time I looked at the man that I was able to call husband and knew that he was the most important part of my life and always would be. When he took my hand to walk with me up the aisle after the traditional kiss, I knew that was what pure love felt like.

I love to write about love and romance and passion in my books. I've written a few wedding ceremonies into the stories as well and I have fun with those. In the following excerpt from His Lucky Charm the heroine's best friend Keisha marries the love of her life Malcolm in an African inspired ceremony:

Malcolm had explained many of the traditions and rituals of their wedding to Brandon. He had told him that the wedding was the union of not just the couple, but of their families and their lives. Their parents and immediate families were just as much a part of the ceremony as the couple.
It was a very spiritual time with prayers that were begun weeks earlier.
Keisha’s father blessed his daughter and son as he now referred to Malcolm. Malcolm’s mother tied a loose string of conchi shells around Keisha’s neck as a sign of fertility and luck for a happy family. The priest conducted the service interjecting the civil requirements among the prayers and blessings.
Malcolm spoke to his bride thanking her for completing his life. “A man without a wife is a man without a home.” He promised to keep her happy and provide for her and he placed a simple band on her finger.
Keisha promised that her love for Malcolm would be never-ending like the circle of the wedding band. Then she placed a ring on his finger.
Both mothers took turns reciting an African marriage creed. Brandon noticed Caitlyn look downward as they gave the advice to “Be Open With Each Other. Bind not yourselves in the secretiveness that causes suspicion and doubt. Trust and reveal yourselves to each other, even as the budding rose opens to reveal its fragrance and beauty.”
He berated himself again for having kept secrets from the woman he loved and wondered if he would ever have the opportunity again to reveal his true self to her. More than that, he worried that she no longer had an interest in him or of learning his truths.
The ceremony concluded with Malcolm’s father tying Keisha and Malcolm’s wrists together with a purple cloth to symbolize their union. Together they jumped over a broom laid on the floor to show that they were starting fresh and welcoming the new path before them. Smiling and happy, they walked together up the aisle to the back of the church while the audience applauded.
The parents followed the happy couple and so did Caitlyn and Malcolm’s brother. Caitlyn noticed Brandon in the back row as she neared the door and her steps faltered. The best man placed a hand under her elbow and looked in the direction of her distraction. The smile Caitlyn had been wearing quickly left her face and she turned away from Brandon as she regained her footing.

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