Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You had me from Hello - Novel first lines

The first line of a novel is called The Hook and ideally it will live up to that image. When the reader reads the first line it should reel them in and make them want to keep reading.

Below are the first lines to each of my novels. Which ones intrigue you most? Can you guess which line begins each book?

The Novels Are:
A Chaunce of Riches;    Bartlett's Rule;    Common Bond, Tangled Hearts;    Courage of the Heart;    Final Sin;    His Lucky Charm;    Hostage Heart;    Hyphema;    Karma Visited;    Within the Law.

If you can't remember which line begins each story, you can get a little help - You can read the first few chapters of each of these books online & for free:  Smashwords or BookBuzzr Widgets

(don't stress, the answers are at the bottom of this post anyway)

1) Deanna had a heavy feeling as she headed to work.

2) My life changed after I died.

3) If he was reading her surprised expression right, she was expecting somebody else to be on the other side of the door when she swung it wide open.

4) He was sitting in the large den feigning patience while waiting for his new assignment to show up.

5) Matt was looking down over the dark water as they were being buffeted by the winds

6) “He is a pompous ass!”

7) There wasn’t anyone there who didn’t look like they weren’t ready to heave.

8) He trailed kisses down her neck while he let his hands explore the recesses of her body.

9) He put his hand on the bartender’s wrist as she moved the open bottle towards his glass to refill.

10) He felt his muscles clench as he stared into the woman’s face that lay beneath him.

Here are the answers:

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