Monday, September 8, 2014

“C to Shining C” ~ #MondayBlogs

Thanks everyone for coming to visit me today, Monday September 8. All of the kiddies are back to school, summer vacations are over, the High Holidays are right around the corner...  Of course for me, my children are grown adults and on their own, but I still seem to use the school calendar - after so many years it's just ingrained in me. Hubby and I are nearly empty-nesters which inspired me to feature a simple conversation with my best buddy Charmaine Gordon, Author of Mature Romances including Housebroken and more.

Hi Charmaine, Thanks for coming to my #MondayBlogs this week.
It occurred to me that we’ve been really good friends since we first met in 2008. When I first met you at an author book signing in a local Barnes & Noble, I remember thinking how energetic you were! More than once you approached random customers and literally danced them over to our table. I guess my first impression of you that night was “Oh my gosh, I can’t keep up with this lady!”

So tell me, what was your first impression of me?

You had eight books stacked on the small table and I had one. I thought, Charmaine, you have a long way to go. This woman is smart, connected, knows things I must get a handle on and friends. She has friends hugging her and I had me, one book and that’s all folks. To add to this, instead of being snooty, you welcomed me into your circle. You also liked my dress. A big plus.

We’ve had a few adventures along the way… we took a comical car ride to a New Jersey library for a reading, me and my lousy sense of direction and you and your contagious laughter; then there was the Charlie’s Angels pose in Suffern (with VHP author Lauren Shiro); don’t forget the skies opening and drenching us in Kingston and the mad dash to save our books from the deluge. And there have been more fun times.
What are some of your most memorable moments of our friendship?

We had a booking for an author’s chat at the Suffern library but alas, I had hip replacement surgery and wasn’t quite up to going. So you had the brilliant idea of taping my segment of the chat in my house. I bought white sheets and tried to simulate a hospital room for background. Barely able to walk, I got my eyelashes and make-up on ready for my close-up. After we stopped laughing, always part of time together whether we’re on the phone or our infrequent get-togethers-you got down to business, asked me questions and I gave my presentation lying back on pillows. 

I am always fascinated by your stories of your acting years and always looking for you in a film. So far I’ve spotted you in Big and in Fatal Attraction. And I will keep looking!

Don't forget the movie Working Girl. Early in the movie, I held the birthday balloons Mike Nichols gave me for Melanie Griffith and sang Happy  Birthday. Oh, what fun.

I know how I’ve used facets of my life in my writing – how about you? What experiences have you had that you find yourself putting into your characters and stories?

Widowhood and how to live single after being a double for so many wonderful years. As I wrote, I realized my women had to be strong to survive whatever comes next. Like the ancient serials at the movies, Perils of Pauline. No matter what happened, she had to move forward. The Sink or Swim attitude. And I found that my years of playing tennis just naturally fit into one book, acting in another, swimming was a stretch in one story and research helped. It’s exciting. The whole process fills me with joy.

Along the way during this crazy friendship we’ve managed to write a few books. I would describe yours as encouraging, humorous, poignant and always engaging. I love the tagline you’ve used, Stories of Women Who Survive and Thrive, and your series of Mature Romances that goes to show that the best is yet to come. It isn’t merely our friendship that has me listing you as one of my favorite authors. I even mentioned you in one of my novels as a character’s favorite author.

 I know that you’ve read many of my books, too. Can you give me the top three to five words you would use to describe the stories I write? Is there anything that sticks out as “my style”?

Now you’ve got me running, not too fast, to look at my Chelle Cordero shelf. Hold the press.

Unforgettable is the one word I use to describe your books.

Where to begin, Chelle? You’ve written mystery, suspense, romance and I’ve learned so much about paramedics and EMS to have respect for the work they do. Hyphema grabbed me and never let go as did your most recent book Karma Visited.

Some years ago as we were sending emails back and forth, with both of us signing each note with a simple “C”, you finally wrote back with the phrase “From C to Shining C” – I absolutely adore that term.

Me, too, dear C.

Thanks for being here and sharing a few memories with me today, and thanks for being a terrific friend.

Backatcha, my BFF.


Anonymous said...

Very cute. Go girls!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Go girls!

Charmaine Gordon said...

Hi Neva, you liked your comment so much, you posted it twice. Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your double effort. Charmaine and Chelle