Monday, April 13, 2015

#MondayBlogs: Negativity – a note to politicians

When I first started dating my husband he was selling appliances in a local store (no, that is not how I met him…) — he was pretty successful at his job. In our early conversations I once asked him how he managed to outsell so many of his co-workers. Here is his answer, “I don’t spend time knocking the competition. I sell the items we have and let customers know how good each of them is. People want to know what they are buying.”

Even though Mark has moved on to another SUCCESSFUL career which he does as well (and is happy doing), his lessons about salesmanship have always stayed with both of us. I’m reminded of his words EVERY election year and with potential presidential candidates announcing their intentions it’s more pronounced than ever.

So this is a note to those candidates: If you want my vote, please tell me what YOU can do for our country and why I should vote for you. I’m not interested in your criticisms about other candidates. I want someone who can offer solutions to our problems and make our lives easier, safer, and more productive. When you spend your time and campaign money to complain about someone else’s policies and actions, all I hear is that you know how to complain and whine, and that is no way to run our country.

Go back to basics – encouraging the average American to vote for you is tantamount to applying for a job and hoping to be hired. You should build your resume with your experience listing what your responsibilities and accomplishments are (were) in any relevant jobs. When you interview, promote yourself and tell the employer why you could handle/perform the job in the company’s best interest. Your voters are your (potential) employers, we are not social buddies who chit-chat and hear your everyday complaints.

If YOU want the job (aka my vote) please stop telling me what you don’t like about the OTHER GUY... 
Please tell me why I should want YOU.

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