Monday, June 22, 2015

Separate but equal? ~ #MondayBlogs

What about family?  Family time - family togetherness - simply FAMILY.

Cable companies hawk subscriber packages that permit you to watch different channels (or even the same) on different TVs throughout your home. One fairly recent commercial mocks peace talks and by the end of the ad shows two adolescents watching television programs in two different but neighboring rooms; mom is ecstatic that there are no more quarrels between brother and sister over which program to watch.

Come on people! If the individual TV shows are so very important, the great technology being offered by these same cable stations includes the ability to record a show and watch it later - so take turns who gets to watch now and who gets to watch later. 

By Evert F. Baumgardner [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The marvel of cell phones is supposedly the ability to stay connected without having to sit by your home phone — an excellent idea! Excellent except when you can't even hold a conversation with someone in the same room because you are too busy exchanging text messages with someone you have never even met in person ?*%! Put DOWN your cell phones and stay connected in real time. I understand the reluctance to turn your phone off, I don't either, but I only answer it in an urgent situation if it means I am otherwise engaged in conversation with real LIVE people.

Finally while I am on this rant, families should be more concerned with spending FAMILY TIME with each other while the children are growing (and hopefully beyond) than keeping busy with the zillion-and-one separate activities and programs parents are so busy chauffeuring their children to. It may be wonderful for a child to play sports but if their parents don't even have the time to sit in the stands to cheer them on the emotional benefits may very well be lacking. 

Find activities you can do together (even if it just means providing a cheering section once in a while), things you can share, things you can talk during... Take walks together. Play board games together. Visit museums together. Dine together. Read to each other. Even watch TV together. There is so much you can do TOGETHER and many activities don't require depleting your wallet.
By George Burns, 1896-1996, Photographer (NARA record: 1340567)
(U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Enjoy your family; children grow up, people move away... life changes. Hold on to what you have, the memories you create will be yours for a lifetime.

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