Monday, June 15, 2015

Tolerance, Bigotry and the FaceBook Friend Button ~ #MondayBlogs

Our parents tried to teach us to lead confrontation-free lives with the cautionary advice “Never discuss politics or religion.” But did we listen… of course not. And with the advent of social media networks it has become easier than ever to give ourselves voice about anything and everything.

Does anyone really change the way someone votes in the next election? I’m sure that we can all play a part in spreading rumors and political mudslinging, but does it really have an effect where it actually makes a difference? I honestly believe that most people opinionated enough to support a cause are not relying on Facebook or Twitter for research; most people will read newspapers (hopefully several different sources), attend political rallies, research history in library and visit a candidate’s web-site to determine how they will vote. People who read a Facebook post about a hot-seat item will most likely hit the LIKE button or UN-friend the author – and then there are the FEW who will research the alleged quotes, past behavior, and political history with an open mind.

How much power do your rants and ravings on FaceBook really hold?

Is it a good thing that we express ourselves in a public forum? Yes it is. Is it worth getting into an argument online? Probably not.

In my opinion, most people voicing their political views on Facebook have already made up their minds and aren’t willing to discuss the issues no matter how many rationales you post to them. Do people like to argue? I don’t think so… but arguing on-line and being the one who started it all, now that is sense of power. Personally I like having opinions and I like to express myself, I am after all a writer aka one who communicates. For me reading someone else’s opposing view is a chance for education and personal growth, it helps me understand different perspectives; however I don’t welcome hateful speech, claims without sources, name calling or threats. I make it known on my social media pages and blogs that I can delete AT MY DISCRETION any commentary that if considered offensive.

How many of you participate in political/religious/trending issues on Facebook and other social media sites? Do you think your words have any true impact? I’d love to hear your responses.

Inspired by the article Before You Unfriend Your Facebook Pal, There’s Something You Should Know

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