Monday, June 6, 2016

Enjoy Life's Everyday Marvels ~ #MondayBlogs

If you ever get “bored with your life” look around, there are so many stunning wonders around us. There are things that defy even the most logical explanations…

Seeing a rainbow after a rainstorm catches our attention; never mind that a rainbow is an optical phenomena caused by a combination of moisture and sunlight — to our eyes it is a wondrous colorful light display, it’s a treat for our visual senses. Rainbows are the source of many legends and superstitions, some people consider seeing a rainbow an omen of good fortune like the biblical rainbow after the great flood.

Spring flowers from bud to bloom are beautiful and miraculous as they spread their petals towards the sunlight. The flowers are fragrant and colorful, individual works of art done by nature. Let’s get “scientific” and talk about the nutrients in the soil and bees that pollinate the flowers – how do the flowers nourish themselves from the soil, even with store bought assistance? The very fact that these natural wonders appear should make us all smile.

There is an old saying “Stop and Smell the Roses”. It’s not a literal suggestion, not usually; the phrase means to take time to appreciate the little things around you. Spend time with loved ones, relax and read a good book, enjoy the sights on your way to work, sing along with the radio…

Taking the time to “Stop and Smell the Roses”.is a way to de-stress, we feel more satisfied with life as we appreciate the richness and beauty that surrounds us. Enjoying positive moments adds to our happiness. When we feel happy and content it’s easier to cope with disappointments that may come our way. Our lives seem fuller.

Wake up in the morning looking forward to the joys and beauty that awaits you. Have a great day.

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