Monday, September 19, 2016

Enthusiasm ~ #MondayBlogs

I had a really busy week (not all work related) and I was dragging by the time the weekend rolled around. By Saturday if I could have stayed in bed all day I would have. My husband’s sister and brother-in-law stopped by. Dear hubby brought dinner in so no one had to cook. Definitely a nice evening… but I still felt tired. And then my sister-in-law asked me how my writing was doing.

Suddenly I felt like I had a mega-dose of B12, caffeine, and my own box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. I told her about some exciting developments and we spoke about a new manuscript I am fighting with. She gave me a helpful idea about one of my characters and it just felt right. We spoke about my non-fiction work and chatted about our real lives, offspring, future plans and more. We paused to take sips from our teacups and I realized, I wasn’t feeling tired anymore. I had a rush of child-like excitement and enthusiasm when I was talking about my work, writing.

No matter what your passion is when you get to do it, you’re happy. For me it’s being a writer. For others in my family circle passions include accounting, chemistry, psychology, photography, emergency services, and computers. Whatever career you pursue, in or out of the house, paid or volunteer, if it is what you want to be doing, it’s good for you.

Okay, in reality what Confucius had to say may be a bit simplistic, after all there are always going to be times we would rather be relaxing on a beach or enjoying a hike rather than having to be responsible. Sigh… But it does help when we can get up every morning (or whatever shift you work) and not feel dread as we get ready for our workday. Also, the person who enjoys what he/she does will probably put in more effort and take more pride in achievements which is noticed by higher-ups and translates to more security and possibly more opportunities.

What is it that you really, really like doing? Take a look at the help wanted ads and find things that tie in (for instance if you like sports perhaps you can find work as a little league coach). While you need to earn enough to cover your expenses, if you are severely unhappy with the work you do it will affect your health and in the long run you lose more than you gain. When you come home to your family feeling satisfied and encouraged you will be a better communicator, leader and more open to your family’s needs. Yay, improvement of family life!

Do some soul searching and focus on what makes you happy. You may have to work for a living, but you don’t have to give up your happiness.


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Love your blog Chelle.