Saturday, January 20, 2018

Do You Believe in Karma?

"My life changed after I died.
It’s not like I had any special powers.
They just didn’t understand me.
They underestimated me.
I had a gift."

an excerpt

The girl sobbed and Annie looked at her again. The girl was staring back at her. Her eyes were wide with fright.
Can… you… see me?” Annie’s voice was shaky. Her dreams had always taken her to accidents, disasters, and the victim was always ready to die. Annie hoped this girl wasn’t going to die. This wasn’t an accident, this was evil. “Where are we?”
The young woman just continued to stare. Confused, Annie wasn’t sure the girl actually saw her, but when she moved she saw the other woman’s eyes following her. Then she wondered if the girl could hear the things that Annie said, maybe that was the problem.
You do see me.” The girl still wouldn’t answer, she just cried. “Tell me what you can and I will try to get you help.”
No answer.
I need you to tell me something, anything. Who are you? Where are we?” The girl cried harder. Annie was frustrated. She looked around the room, it began to spin. She closed her eyes and held her head.

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