Saturday, January 27, 2018

Is it just a dream?

from Annie's Karma

Tomorrow. He won’t know what’s coming.” The man sitting on the lower bunk was picking at his nails with a shiny blade.

In the showers?” Another man had his back to her as he urinated in the stainless steel toilet in the corner.

Yeah. The guards will keep everyone out.” He heard someone walking down the corridor and quickly stashed the metal razor under his mattress.

The men didn’t see Annie standing there, but then she was only dreaming. It looked like the inside of a prison cell. Even though she knew she was dreaming, she could still smell the rancid sweat and it nauseated her. She was glad they couldn’t see her. They were making plans to hurt someone – she needed to find out who that someone was.

He’s gonna deserve what he gets. He’s gotta learn to respect the right people around here.”

But we’re not gonna kill him though?”

No. Just maim him real good. That’s what we got paid for.”

Shit, I wouldn’t mind doing Furman in for good. Don’t like his ‘tude, thinks he’s better than everybody.”

Furman? Was this the prison Scott was in? Annie visited him once, but that was in the waiting room. That was the day they signed the divorce papers. She had to find him and warn him.

Annie slipped into the corridor and moved past each cell until she found him. He was in a cell by himself and huddled under a scratchy blanket in the bottom bunk, but he wasn’t sleeping. He looked scared, and thinner than she remembered. She actually felt sorry for him.

Scott!” He didn’t hear her or see her. “Scott, you have to hear me.”

He lay on the mattress with his eyes open and stared right through her.

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