Monday, December 1, 2014

Wish I had recorded that! ~ #MondayBlogs

Oh for those moments in our lives when we wish someone was filming us so we could submit the video to America's Funniest Home Videos and make some money! Alas most of these things happen too fast and we don't have the time to set up a camera ourselves...

Two of my three curious felines decided to investigate floor tile glue downstairs during a DIY remodeling. Needless to say after leaving a trail of paw prints through the tacky gunk they came back upstairs to the carpeted living room where walking on the carpet was getting frustrated as they STUCK to the fibers.

First chasing them down (both my husband and I) and then locking the two in the bathroom with me to start cleaning. So while I was in the little room with two frightened, angry and hissing cats using alcohol, soapy water and baby oil - and getting as drenched as their fur - hubby was still chasing the third cat to make sure he hadn't played follow the leader; thank goodness there was no evidence of dumbness with him.

I called out to my husband, through the closed door of course to prevent escape, to get the name and content label and call for veterinarian advice. Oh by the way, this was after 10:00 PM already. He called and got an answering service, was told the location of the nearest 24-hour emergency office and also was given the phone number to the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline.

While there is a fee for the hotline (which goes to the support of the ASPCA programs), it was invaluable for our nerves. We were told what had to be done and reassured that this case of curiosity would not kill the cats. Also the fee (per incident so covered the three cats, we still weren't sure about the third) was still less than a vet visit for just one stuck-up pussycat. If you have a furbaby, post this number by your phone:  (888) 426-4435.   Info can be found here

As I finally reached to open the bathroom door (singing Who Let The Dogs Out?) and stood aside for the great escape of two very bedraggled and upset felines, I started to laugh. Once I changed into my own dry clothing once again, I returned to the living room as hubby was coming back upstairs - he had finished doubling the height of the barricades around the tacky downstairs floor.

We both sat and laughed, yes cruelly, of the site of the two cats hopping across the living room carpet and then we sighed over the loss of ten-thousand dollars we could have made if only someone had been there to film the whole tacky event.

all 3 - safe, sound and unglued
Mario ~ Luigi ~ Tigger
Luigi & Tigger were the culprits!

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