Friday, February 27, 2015

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy died today.
"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP" ( 2/23/2015)

I was about 12-years old when the world was first treated to the Final Frontier as seen from the deck of the Starship USS Enterprise [NCC-1701]. Characters came from all over the universe, many diverse origins melded together and sometimes, most times, even got along with each other. It was a terrific television series and even though it was cancelled after only 3 years, the saga did what one of the characters is often quoted as saying, "Live long and prosper"; in multiple television series and movies.

Leonard Nimoy played the often-unflappable Mr. Spock, a being who lived by his logical and often unemotional Vulcan heritage (from his father) and struggled with his feeling human lineage (from his mother). Mr. Nimoy became well known for his portrayal of the half-human/half-Vulcan character although he began his acting career more than 15 years earlier; he also was a gifted stage actor, director, singer, writer and photographer.

Leonard Nimoy was always very outwardly proud of his Jewish heritage, he was born in Boston to Jewish-Ukrainian immigrants in March 1931 making him 83 at his death today, February 27, 2015. To me his age is powerful and significant...

It is customary for Jewish males to be Bar Mitzvah'd at the age of 13 and to be welcomed into their congregation as an adult and one who is obliged to fulfill G-d's commandments. However it is also traditional among some devout Jews to celebrate a "second Bar Mitzvah" - in this case the normal male lifespan is considered to be 70 years of age and so at 83-years-old, 13 years into this "second life", a man once again makes Bar Mitzvah and rededicates himself to the commandments; once again he is welcomed into his congregation.

Leonard Nimoy was welcomed to the Final Frontier today.
March 26, 1931 - February 27, 2015

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