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The bank robbery ~ Weekend Writing Warriors / #8sunday / 02/08/15

Hi! Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warrior round. Every week writers post 8 sentences on their blogs from a published or unpublished book. Then we "hop" around and leave comments on each other's snippets. Whether our work is already published or in progress, the helpful comments help us become stronger writers on our next WIP. We welcome EVERYONE's comments.

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My entry this week is from Hostage Heart, a romantic suspense involving a young lady from Louisiana whose family was affected by the devastation from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Our heroine, Deanna, is reluctantly running an errand for her boss when she finds herself in the center of an armed bank robbery. When she tries to protect her boss' money she is threatened by one of the robbers — a handsome customer comes to her aid only to become a kidnap victim. Feeling guilty that this handsome stranger is in this fix because he tried to help her, Deanna distracts the gunman.

...and now the eight:

Run, she screamed at the stranger, he stared at her in disbelief. Run, finally he made a hasty retreat to the street.
Before Deanna could get safely back into the bank, she found herself being grabbed again and this time the gun was held to her head.
You little bitch, the robbers voice was raspy, youre coming with us instead then. He dragged her pleading out the doors and threw her into a van just outside on the street.
Another one of the assailants tied and gagged her as the vehicle made a hasty retreat. About a block later, the van made a quick stop and Deanna was surprised to see the suited customer step into the van.
He looked at her in anger, you couldnt leave well enough alone, could you?

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Hostage Heart  by Chelle Cordero is available as an AUDIOBOOK and in All Ebook Formats and  Print Editions.

Life was hard after the hurricanes swept through, destroying her parents' home and livelihood...Deanna did the only thing she could do. She moved to New York City, found a job, worked hard, scrimped and saved to send what little she could manage back home to Louisiana to her parents.

An errand for her boss - a chance encounter with a crew of bank robbers - a kind man who tried to help her and deserved her courageous help in return... But he wasn't the man she thought he, he was so very much more!

Hostage Heart is a captivating read… I really enjoyed Chelle Cordero's 'Hostage Heart.  It read quickly and kept my interest until the very end. I would highly recommend this book and I plan to read all of the author's other books. It took me along on the adventure. I enjoyed the romance.
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In 2005 my husband went to New Orleans and surroundings as part of a Federal Disaster Medical Response Team after Katrina and Rita ravaged the area. He was there for six weeks. When he came home he was physically exhausted and filled with tales about the resilience and determination of the Louisiana people he gave aid to.

...this was how Deanna Blair and her family came to be.

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Iris B said...

This little snippet got me interested. Looking forward to reading more!

Teresa Cypher said...

Oh nooooo! Oh my gosh, did that pull me into the story! I have to read this one. :-) Great 8!

P.T.Wyant said...

Intriguing twist! I really want to see where this is going.

Linda said...

Oops, how did they manage to catch him back?
She should have run herself instead of yelling at him. Very bad situation.

Sarah W said...

So . . . he's involved in the robbery? Maybe?

Too intriguing, Chelle! :)

Cara Bristol said...

Excellent hook. I so did not expect that. Good job!

Charmaine Gordon said...

Love this book and tell everyone to buy! I was shocked to find the nice man has many faces and so is she.

Gem Sivad said...

Apparently her good deed has come back to bite her. Very suspenseful. I like!

Unknown said...

Ooh, I really like this story, full of suspense and it made me curious. Love it already, can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about a twist. I'm curious to see how you continue the story. Great 8.

Veronica Scott said...

Wow, that's a very cool and unexpected twist. Can;t wait to read more - excellent excerpt!

Elaine Cantrell said...

Wow, you surprised me. Nice excerpt.

Alice said...

Creepy van and a kidnapping. Yikes.