Monday, May 4, 2015

#MondayBlogs ~ We don’t all speak the same language

I’m not speaking about different world languages like French, Spanish, German, or more. There is miscommunication between English speaking individuals.

Perception, context, body language, humor, and personal emotions can all change the same words into many different meanings. The person who is scared of “failing” may talk of themselves doing just that — to one person that statement sounds like a pitiable cry for help while another hears it as a purposeful plan. The tale gets carried and the second-hand message gets warped reminiscent of a childhood Telephone Game. Most people don’t even realize that they are distorting the message and in most cases there is no maliciousness intended.

There is an adage, actually several versions of it, one of them goes like this: “Ask 2 doctors, get 3 opinions.” No two people will ever hear the exact same thing whether far or near. What do we do with these interpretations? If you like what you “heard” then maybe you should be willing not to delve any deeper; however if you didn’t like…

While public speeches at mass gatherings may not provide an opportunity for clarification, in our personal lives we don’t have to accept any sour taste we’ve been left with. Without accusation and without anger, speak to the person — the very person who allegedly misspoke — he or she should be the one to explain, rectify, or defend a statement that causes you qualms. You should be the one who thinks for yourself what you are to believe and accept.

We can make beautiful music if we just talk with each other.

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