Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to school ~ #MondayBlogs

Our local schools open next week. It's been several years since either of my offspring were students in the local school system... somehow though I still tend to feel a bit morose over the idea of summer being over.

As a child I remember my mom having tears in her eyes the first day of school EVERY YEAR. My sister and I were always filled with the excitement of new adventures, showing off new outfits which Mommy sewed for us, painstakingly printing our names on brand new marble composition books, and looking forward to the fun of the nights sitting with our parents cutting open brown paper grocery bags to cover our school textbooks. Yet Mommy still looked sad as she sent us off that early September morning.

While our offspring were in school, my sister and I would commiserate by phone every September even as our children headed off with the same wide-eyed anticipation my sister and I always had. We relived fun summertime family adventures and looked forward to weekends and holidays. Of course as the kids grew more and more of their out-of-school days were filled with their peers and numerous social activities.

For some reason I am still conditioned to face the beginning of the school year with dread, I don't know why. But then again I still haven't recovered from my daughter's first day of kindergarten when she marched off with a big smile and not even a look backwards.
Wishing everyone a productive school year!

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