Friday, October 25, 2013

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This week’s lesson
It’s Time to Start Writing: all about writing a synopsis, a blurb, a book description, a logliner and a tag line

And recent lessons
Socially Acceptable Networking: using social media to build your author platform and promote yourself and your book
Oh, But It Is a Business: it takes more than just writing a book to be a professional writer
OUCH, Editing Errors: learn to self edit and improve the appearance of your manuscript
The Good, the Bad and the Foe: making the most of your villains

Every blog comes with Writing Exercises and Prompts

Writing Exercise: Using your own life as the basis, write down the highlights and make sure to include happy times and disappointments as well as your dreams and hopes. Using this description, create a “hero” and a “villain” and the way they might react to marriage, career and money.

Writing Prompt: In no more than five minutes, write down every action word you can think of (it’s okay if you use different forms of the word such as run-runs-running)

Writing Exercise:  We’ve all heard biblical stories, choose one. Rewrite the story in 2013. For example, what would happen if a man came across a burning bush and expected his followers to understand while he stayed there to receive a significant message? Try to keep the miracle, but with the reactions and settings of today.

Writing Prompt:  Think of the most evil character you’ve ever written about, or use one that you’ve read about if you need. Describe their best childhood friend and whether they miss them today.

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